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NTRO modify mobile hotspot settings so that Samsung hotspot is not visible on the Lenovo computer in CYBERCRIME on private citizen

After the USB dongles were blocked on the lenovo laptop, the domain investor purchased a samsung smartphone to create a mobile hotspot
Indicating the high levels of CYBERCRIME the domain investor faces in panaji, goa, now the Samsung hotspot is not visible on the lenovo desktop
The samsung hotspot is visible on the lenovo laptop purchased for testing, clearly indicating that ntro has disabled the mobile hotspot of the Lenovo desktop of the domain investor, private citizen, changing registry setting for exposing their online, financial fraud, government slavery since 2010
Other Wifi networks like Frisco, Maria are visible in the wifi networks, only the samsung mobile hotspot is not visible on the lenovo desktop, confirming the high levels of cybercrime in panaji,goa. The frisco network is visible always, and the maria network is visible only in the morning,.