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NTRO/R&AWs best hackers are active in the evening for wifi hacking

The google competitor will reduce her internet usage in the evening to the extent possible, because she is aware that NTRO, R&AW’s best hackers are active in the evening for hacking her laptop using the hidden wifi network. Ideally the laptop and internet connection usage should be minimized to the extent possible, as these hackers will use the opportunity to cause further damage to the laptop

For example on February 5, 2018, the micromax laptop has been hacked so extensively, intercepting data packets, that it is taking a very long time to open any page in the browser, wasting the time of the google competitor. There are other days, when the external keyboard is also being hacked, and some junk characters are being displayed.

So it is better to use the same time for doing offline work, like data entry, typing and developing websites, instead of battling an enemy who is far more powerful,who cannot be identified or held accountable.