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Month: January 2018

Bank details, income tax returns will expose ntro wifi hacking and online fraud

Just because it is possible for ntro employees to monitor the laptop of any indian citizen using the hidden wifi network, the ntro employees especially in goa are shamelessly abusing their powers and falsely claiming that their sex partners, relatives, friends and other bribe giving frauds are doing work online, investing money online after putting a harmless single woman engineer, google competitor under surveillance, after making fake allegations without any legally valid proof.
This clearly indicates the extreme incompetence, inefficiency, poor systems and lack of professional ethics, morals of ntro and the ntro employees, that they have no qualms at all, shameless lying and making fake claims because they are getting sex, money, job bribes
Bank details, income tax returns, will clearly prove that the BRIBE TAKING ntro employees are shameless liars and frauds with no morals, humanity, involved in a major financial fraud since 2010.